Why A Coach?

“Imagine what can happen when vitality and courage intersect in your daily life!”
— Dave Scott, Leadership Coach




Imagine Living Your Life At Full Capacity! 

Imagine a life characterized by vitality, confidence, courage, creativity, joy, purposefulness, optimism and accomplishment. These are the kinds of results common to those who utilize F2S Fitness and F2S Leadership Coaching.

This is because F2S Coaching focuses on who and what you have the most control over – you and your actions and attitudes. F2S Coaching emphasizes developing new actions – not stopping at new insights and good intentions. F2S Coaching allows you to work on real challenges in real time – because you set the agenda for your coaching sessions.

Imagine A Life With Even Greater Vitality and Courage As You Pursue God's Calling!

When you enter into a leadership coaching relationship with me, you will accelerate your transformation and increase your influence on those the Lord has brought into your life.

God’s Part… the Holy Spirit is already at work in you guiding and teaching and empowering you to fully engage in His calling for you.

Your Part… gaining greater awareness of what the Spirit is leading you into and then walking in obedience to what He has revealed. 

My Part… engaging in an ongoing conversation, listening and asking questions, provoking new insights and awareness. Then cheering you on as you develop an action plan to respond to what the Lord has revealed to you.


You are following God's call to be a leader in His kingdom and, of course, it’s supposed to be filled with joy and fruitfulness. Yet your experience (like all other leaders in the church) is sometimes something other.

Yes, there are many joys as we lead and watch the Lord do amazing things. And, yes, there are many frustrating and painful days characterized by disappointment and isolation. This is where coaching can be of great help. Assisting you in sorting through what is going on both in and around you.


You've been leading your ministry well, for a season, and yet there is a relentless tugging at your heart that there is more that the Lord wants to do in and through you for His glory and the advancement of His church. This is where coaching can be a great help. Helping you process the promptings of God and put together a game plan to put these into action.


You look in the mirror and see a person staring back who is unable to give their best to The One who is worthy of it because you haven’t the energy and reserves spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically. You have invested your best energy and efforts in the service of others and at the same time neglected yourself. This is where coaching can be a great help; guiding you with good questions that will lead you to the place of discovering again the refreshing work of the Spirit as you practice self-care habits.