It Begins With Saying Yes

A few weeks ago I was sitting across the dinner table talking with a person who really wanted to go on a mission trip this year to Africa. Her eyes began to have this wild look of excitement and her words quickened as she spoke of what that kind of adventure might be like. Then it happened.
Out came the reasons that she couldn’t go on this trip with her church. “There might be a conflict with school or work schedules. There might be… “ You know the routine, because most of us have gone here. Even before we take one action step to move in this direction we stop any possibility of movement with a “there might be” kind of statement.
So with as much tenderness as I could muster I suggested that she say, “Yes” and allow God to begin to work out the details of whether she would board the plane to make a difference in the lives of those in Africa.
Most of us would like to have new experiences of God’s love and power as we seek to influence others in the months ahead. We would like to develop our character more deeply – to have a greater likeness to Jesus. We would like to grow in our understanding and wisdom so as to navigate life with more confidence and patience. Ultimately each of us want to be a different person and make a difference in the lives of the people around us.
It begins with saying, “Yes.”
Say “Yes” to the whispers and impressions from God to bless and serve others.
Say “Yes” to pray for and then call the person the Lord puts on your mind.
Say “Yes” to an act of generosity of your time, money, or resources when God puts it upon your heart. 

Say “Yes” to pursue a mission trip or experience that will stretch you beyond your current abilities and resources.
It comes down to this: say “Yes” to what will take you out of your comfort zone. Once you move out of that zone you will experience the growth and changes you are seeking because that’s when God tends to show up in our lives. (By the way, nothing of much value grows in the comfort zone!) He loves it when His kids say, “Yes.”