Hanging Out with My Heroes

This morning I had a good workout with my partner. Jake likes the unconventional training we do each session. So, yes, he’s a little warped. When he arrives, he’s “all in” and seems to fill the room with energy each workout. There are times when we’re working out and I want to take it easy… maybe even quit before the training’s completed. But Jake’s presence and partnership provokes me to press on.

He speaks my language. Keeps me focused. And Jake makes a lot more noise than I do when he’s exercising!

Then I had coffee with Rob. He asked meaningful questions and then leaned in for the responses. He laughed with me. Cheered me on in my pursuits to change the world. And he cared about my private life in ways that few seem to notice. Jake and Rob are what I call “Advocates”.

By the time I left my heart was full. My eagerness to push ahead to disrupt the world (for good) was at 100%. My confidence that I was making a difference for God was bolstered. Driving away I had the thought:

“Wow! Let’s attack the rest of the day!”

What about you?

Who are the advocates in your life—the people who help lift you to the next level? Maybe a better question is: How often do you connect with them?

My Advocates are like air to me.

I need a lot of it to keep me lively and filled full.

They are my heroes.

They may not run around with brightly colored capes, but they definitely rescue me from my small thinking and easily distracted mind. They get my eyes back on the path the Lord has charted for me.

When it consider how thankful I am for the advocates I got to be with today, I hope to return the favor and to advocate for their greatness.

What about you?

Coach Dave