What Other F2S Partners Are Saying

F2S Leadership Partners

"I've had many mentors help me reach new levels but it wasn’t until Dave Scott started coaching me that I realized all the potential to reach the next level is already within me. In our frequent coaching sessions, Dave encouraged me with his insightful questions to see how God is already at work in and around me. He will help you hear what God is already up to so you can leader with vision from on high. Let coach Dave help you reach new levels in line with God’s work in and around you too!”

Dan D. - Pastor, Rose City Church, Pasadena, CA

"Coach Dave helps me to cut through the fog of all the things that need to be done and become laser focused on the things that I can control that will have the greatest impact!  I feel encouraged and empowered in my role as a business person, and also as a husband and father, because of my coach." 

Kyle Rodgers ES, Vice President, Dannah Insurance Solutions  

Dave has been coaching me for a couple months, and within that time I've had many breakthroughs in my personal life along with my career. I can't count how many "Ah Ha" moments I've had during our sessions.

He is patient with my thought process and asks very purposeful and targeted questions to help me achieve my objectives during each session. He is encouraging and I look forward to thinking-out-loud and completing each task before our next meeting. 

Kimber M., Entrepreneur, Personal Trainer 

I get so fired up after a session with Coach Dave.  I am more focused and come out of a session with action steps to get my ministry moving forward.  Coach Dave really knows how to bring out the best in me.

Chris Bishop, Youth Pastor, New Hope Community Church